We are in the early pricing for GIC’19 passes untill 12th of September.
GIC’19 grew even more than every year previously. Among the biggest novelties are the summits. Some of them will be available freely, like GodotCon. More of summits will be announced soon. However, the biggest and most prominent one, Game Design Summit is ticketed.
This brings us to the increased number of ticket types for GIC’19, consisting of GIC Passes marked in green as well as GDSum Combo Passes marked in purple.

Another big upgrade to GIC Passes in 2019 are even stronger Business Passes. The newely added features of Business Pass are dedicated advisor and discounts for hotels as well as transfers from airports. Even more is provided with Business Plus Pass, with the Basic B2B Booth that can be also used as dedicated MeetToMatch table if desired.

With appropriate PGA passFull access, all days, i.e.: Friday (VIP day),
Saturday and Sunday (October 18th – 20th)
Further summits
GIC B2B exhibition zone accessEvery PGA visitor is allowed to participate in GIC
GIC lectures
GeekCareers access
GIC workshopsUpon registration, no priorityPriority in registrationPriorityPriorityPriorityPriority
GIC roundtables
1on1 mentoring
Business lounge & conference lunches
business meetings system
Basic B2B Booth
or dedicated MTM table
preGIC party THU
Epic Game Music* FRI
GIC & Huuuge Games party FRI
CEEGA awards gala* SAT
PGA party SATsold separatelysold separately
Daycare for children
Sightseeing tours
Dedicated advisor & discounts for hotels
Airport Transfer: Poznan, Warsaw & Berlin

* – Seating may be limited

By purchasing the ticket, you agree to the Game Industry Conference regulations.