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Official GIC 2016 mobile app

Official GIC 2016 mobile app will give you access to all the important info you may need. The intuitive interface makes it easy to use and organise your conference plan. Our app gives you access to agenda, current information about presentations and speakers. You can choose only that events which interest you and add them to your plan divided by days. We also encourage you to evaluate and express your opinions about the lectures you participated in.

Twitter feed lets you stay up to date and ask speaker a question. You can exchange your contact information with other participants of the conference using built-in QR code scanner. Your QR Code will be generated using the data that you can enter in the User Profile section.

Application also provides information about location and sponsors of the conference and allows you to sign up for the conference or visit GIC website.
Thank you for using our app.

Game Industry Conference mobile app @ Google Play (Android)

Game Industry Conference mobile app (iOS)