Career Zone

CareerZone_razem Game industry grows in such an amazing pace that it constantly needs more manpower. And they need a lot more different specialties than someone outside of game industry would imagine.

Definitely specialties with highest demand would be programmers capable of C++, PHP, Javascript or LUA.
Second in demand would be artists: 2D, 3D, Animators, VFX artists, level artist.
Third, designers: gameplay, level, quest and game designers.
But that is not all: product managers, QA engineers, testers, player support and many more.

Aside of the booths, there will be special events in the Career zone:

Friday 15:30 ‚Äď 16:30
Game Design Power Hour with Nordeus!
Game designers are invited to come and meet designers and speakers from Nordeus. There will be some drinks and snacks and extra time to network, talk about the design and game dev in general.

Saturday 11:00 ‚Äď 12:30
Techland specialists will help you with your career!
Actually two events at the same time.
First you can bring your CV and have it assessed and commented by HR specialists, but also by Team Leaders from Techland. They will tell you what you should avoid, what to fix, what is bringing their attention, etc. There will be extra time to do some talking.
Second, at the same time in Techland Chillout Zone, the same will happen with graphical portfolios.

Saturday 14:30 Р15:30
11bit Studios matchmaking!
Would you like to know how hiring process works at 11 bit studios and why they lead much better lives than characters in their video games? Come and meet their studio members, speakers and HR. You can bring your resume, portfolio or just talk about your experience to find out if it’s going to be a match.

Sunday 12:00 – 13:00
Qloc Hour
Sunday noon is the best time to boost your career – or to start a new chapter! Especially if you dreamed about changing IT industry for video games. GET OVER HERE and meet Qloc’s¬†HR managers who are waiting to show you career opportunities in QLOC. Sweets and goodies included!



11bit Studios 

11bit studios focuses on creative solutions Рthey believe that the creation of, and not to copy ideas, will allow us to leave a clear footprint in the industry. For the next project (Frostpunk) 11bit Studios is looking for talented professionals:
– Senior Game Designer
– Junior Gameplay Programmer (C++)
– Senior Gameplay Programmer (C++)

The studio values fresh, strong and accomplished ideas. Ideally at once. For a new R&D team 11bit Studios is looking for:
– Graphic Artist
– Gameplay Programmer
– Game Designer


Huuuge Games

Huuuge Games is looking for positive, energetic people who are also: team players, open minded, fast learners, capable of creative thinking and problem solving, passionate and always doing their best:

– Marketing Creative Coordinator
– Player Support (native US)
– Product Manager – China
– Game tester
– LUA/C++ Programmer
– C++ Programmer
– Ninja C++
– Junior Programmer
– Java Server Developer
– JavaScript Developer



Nordeus is looking for a talented Senior Game Designer to lead the design efforts on one of the most successful mobile game ever and the first to potentially reach 10 years of age ‚ÄĒ Top Eleven. For that, they¬†need a Game Designer who‚Äôs ready to embark on this challenging, but rewarding, journey. They¬†are looking for a highly skilled and creative person who is confident in the face of new trends and who is ready to work on the cutting edge of the industry. This is someone who is eager to step in the role of a creator and create amazing worlds for the¬†players to be in. Other positions:

– Game Designer – Top Eleven
– Senior UI Artist – Top Eleven
– Technical Art Director
– Creative Director
– Senior Interaction Designer



Paymentwall Inc is a San Francisco based global payment’s platform. The Company has partnered with 140 payment method providers worldwide to offer global payments coverage for users in more than 190 countries and territories with credit and debit cards, mobile payments, e-wallets, bank transfers, prepaid cards and others.

Paymentwall is excited to announce the launch of its operations in PoznaŇĄ! The¬†new branch will develop brand new product dedicated for worldwide use. Paymentwall plans to hire over 30 professionals:

– Account Manager
– Business Development Associate – Mobiamo
– Lead Generation Specialist
– Product Manager Mint
– Product Manager E-wallet FasterPay
– Release Manager
– Subscription Management Product Manager
– PHP Developer FasterPay E-wallet Project
– Junior PHP Developer FasterPay E-wallet Project
– Frontend Developer FasterPay E-wallet Project
– UI/UXDesigner FasterPay E-wallet Project



Qloc is looking for skilled and experienced people:

– C++ Programmers
– Video Game Testers
– Project Managers – for Quality Assurance, Localization, Development
– Business Development Manager



Sperasoft is a leading games development studio focused on delivering high quality titles for world-class publishers.  Alongside our heroic exploits, we continually provide diverse services, ranging from superb 2D and 3D Graphics, SKU Development to Platform Solutions, Online and Mobile Applications and much more. Sperasoft is looking for the talented and enthusiastic people to join and proceed with their career in Game industry:

– Game Project Manager
– Game QA Engineer
– Game C++ Developer
– 3D Animator
– 3D Artist
– 3D Character Artist
– Concept Artist
– 2D/UI Artist
– VFX Artist
– Game Designer



Techland is always looking for skilled professionals whose ambition, passion and drive for success can help create games the whole world will want to play. The studio is developing on a proprietary technology and expanding new brand РTechland Publishing, that announced development of two triple-A titles to be released within the next three years. Thanks to industry-leading specialists and use of latest technology, Techland is committed to delivering unforgettable experiences and innovative entertainment to players around the world.

– Concept Artist
– Character Artist
– Environment Artist
– Senior Environment Artist
– Experienced Animator
– FX Specialist
– Level Artist
– Senior Level Artist
– Audio Level Designer
– Junior Level Designer
– Level Designer
– Senior Level Designer
– Quest Designer
– Lead Quest Designer
– Narrative Lead
– Game Designer Lead
– Game Designer
– C++ Programmer
– Gameplay Programmer
– Senior Tools Developer
– Lead Programmer
– Technology Programmer
– Game Development Director
– People Manager
– Brand Manager
– Community Manager
– Public Relations Manager
– Experienced Producer Project Manager